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Magoosh LSAT Review

Students applying to attend law school will need to take the LSAT. Students will spend plenty of hours studying for this exam. Finding the right prep course for you will help save you a ton of time. 

Our team completed a thorough Magoosh LSAT review below to help breakdown the course and its specific features. 

We even provided you with screenshots from the actual course to help you get a better idea of what the course is like. 

Summary: Our team provided you with a Magoosh LSAT review to help you find the correct LSAT prep course.

Magoosh LSAT Review

Anyone looking for LSAT prep on a budget should consider Magoosh. Magoosh was our choice for best value on our reviews of the best LSAT prep courses

Magoosh offers two main LSAT prep courses for their students. Both courses are nearly identical with the main difference being the amount of time you have access to the course. 

You can compare the two Magoosh LSAT prep courses in the table below. 

Magoosh Courses Magoosh LSAT 1-Month Magoosh LSAT 12-Month
  Magoosh LSAT Magoosh LSAT
Price $279 $251
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Practice Questions 7000+ 7000+
Full-Length Practice Tests
Videos - 90+ lessons - 90+ lessons
Class Format Self-Paced Online + Live Online Classes Self-Paced + Live Online Classes
Live Class Hours Up To You Up To You
Study Plans Customizable Customizable
Subscription Length 1 Month 12 Months
Guarantee +5 Total Score +5 Total Score
Summary Review Review
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Magoosh LSAT Review

Magoosh is the cheapest LSAT course that our team reviewed. The course is currently priced at $279 and users can apply our exclusive coupon TESTGUIDE1 for an additional 10% off. 

As you saw in the table above, Magoosh offers two prep course options. The courses are extremely similar with one of the only differences being the amount of time you have access to the course. 

It makes the most sense to purchase the 12-month option as it is currently the same price as the 1-month option.

Magoosh’s LSAT course is 100% online and follows a self-paced format. With that being said, there are options to create a customizable study schedule that helps to keep you on track. 

The course includes 90+ video lessons which are aimed to help you learn the concepts and the most important content. The lessons do a great job of teaching the material. 

However, the material is presented in a “slideshow” format. You will never see an instructor on your screen as the instructors are voicing over their lecture notes. It can get a bit dry at some points, but you will definitely learn the material if you pay attention. 

Students also have the ability to learn in an online classroom setting when they register for either of the above courses. Magoosh offers live online lectures where an instructor reviews specific topics. Students can view a schedule of those live online classes when they sign into their account. 

If a student wishes to attend a live online class but cannot make it, they can watch the on-demand recorded version. 

Magoosh includes 7,000+ practice questions with their course and full-length practice exams to help you become more comfortable with the material.

Current Magoosh LSAT Coupons

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Magoosh LSAT Review – Look Inside the Course

After conducting our Magoosh LSAT review, our team wanted to give our users an in-depth look inside the course. You can review actual screenshots and get a better idea of how the course is set up below. 


The first thing students will see when they login to their account is their student dashboard. The dashboard is an easy way for students to access all of their lecture materials, practice questions, and quickly view some of their results from their practice questions.

The dashboard is a great place to start for new students. Students can become familiar with the course by using their dashboard. Included in the dashboard are the upcoming online classes. Students can register right from their dashboard.

Magoosh LSAT Dashboard

Lecture Videos

The Magoosh LSAT course includes 90+ lecture videos. This is the primary method students will use to learn concepts and the material. Most lecture videos are shorter in length (5-10 minutes long), but there are some lessons that are longer (25 minutes+). 

The videos are good and have helpful material, but they can get a little boring at times – but this is the case with almost any course or lecture. 

The lectures are designed so the teacher is voicing over their materials. You will never actually see the teacher but rather their notes and lecture slides. Students will be able to take notes within the course. They have a note taking space to the right of the lecture video. 

You can view the layout of the lectures in the screenshot below.

Magoosh LSAT Lectures

Practice Questions

Practice questions are one of the best ways to learn the material and prepare for the actual exam. Magoosh offers 7,000+ practice questions in their course. 

7,000+ practice questions can seem somewhat overwhelming – Magoosh does a great job of organizing the questions and allowing students to filter questions based on what they want to work on. 

Students can choose which section of practice questions they want to work on (logic games, logical reasoning, or reading comprehension). They can then filter down specific subjects they want to work on within that section. Students can even set a time limit and chose which mode they want to practice in. 

There are two modes – practice mode and quiz mode. Practice mode will show answer explanations after each question while quiz mode will hide explanations until the end. Quiz mode is great for students look to practice their pace when answering questions.

Magoosh LSAT Practice Questions Filters

As far as the actual practice questions, they have a nice feel to them and are laid out nicely. The questions will appear on the left-hand side and the answer choices are on the right. Students can cross out answer choices they know are wrong to help narrow down the correct choice. 

The timer (if you choose to have one on) is located in the top right corner. There is a review section button in the bottom left that will take you to the lecture where they talk about the topic. 

The full-length practice exams have the same look and feel and do a pretty good job of simulating the actual LSAT exam. 

At the end of your practice session or exam, you will see everything you got right or wrong. Your statistics will be broken down and you can view things like average pace, other students average pace, and percent of total questions you have gotten right.

Magoosh LSAT Practice Question

Magoosh LSAT Review – Bottom Line

Magoosh’s LSAT prep courses are great for students studying on a budget. They offer a ton of great resources and features when compared to the price you are paying. 

This course is the cheapest course we reviewed. Other LSAT prep courses we reviewed retail in the $600 range. This course is half the price.

The 7,000+ practice questions are an awesome resource to use. The ability to be able to filter questions and work on what you want to focus on is great. 

The 90+ video lectures are also a cool feature. Most of the lessons are bite-sized and will keep the student’s attention. However, some lessons are on the longer side. 

Students interested in purchasing this course can use our exclusive discount code TESTGUIDE1 to save 10% on their purchase.

magoosh logo


Great Value

Bottom Line

Affordable and great value. Students who purchase this course will do well on the LSAT.

Visit Magoosh LSAT

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Magoosh LSAT FAQs

How much does Magoosh LSAT cost?

Magoosh is one of the value providers when it comes to LSAT prep. Prices for their course range from $279 to $300. Our users get an exclusive 10% by using the coupon code TESTGUIDE1.

How are Magoosh’s LSAT courses set up?

Magoosh structures their LSAT courses to be completely online. The courses are self-paced with students learning through video lectures and practice questions and exams.

There are custom study plans available to students to help them stay on track and stay focused.

Will this prep course help my LSAT score?

There are a ton of resources within this course. If you put in the time and energy, you will most definitely improve your LSAT score. The full-length practice exams are a great way to benchmark your scores and view your progress as you go through the course.

Magoosh also offers a +5 total score guarantee on their LSAT prep courses.

Our Review Process 

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We look past all of the marketing and fluff of these companies and look for features that ACTUALLY help users.

Our dedicated team of reviewers take many factors into consideration when reviewing prep courses.

We are always updating our reviews to reflect changes in the marketplace.

We take pride in remaining as unbiased as possible. All of the courses on our lists are the best of the best.

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